420 Wicked Weekend – Saturday at Worcester Palladium

420 Wicked Weekend - Saturday Tickets

Worcester Palladium | Worcester, Massachusetts

420 Wicked Weekend - Saturday

Hey, buds! 🌿 Get set to LIGHT UP your April because the 420 Wicked Weekend is dropping its MASSIVE vibes at the Worcester Palladium this SATURDAY, April 20, 2024!

Join us in the heart of Massachusetts for a dank night resonating with bass and good spirits. Worcester's historic venue will become a sanctuary of sound, reverberating with the anthems that have entwined with our lives.

Imagine it: the Palladium walls pulsing with the energy of live music, as the crowd soars on the wings of every chorus and riff of those incredible hits we know by heart. The air, electric with anticipation, the lights, the spectacle—a true feast for your senses!

It'll be INTENSE, it'll be INSANE, it’ll be... like, super SPIRITUAL, man. Where else would you want to be?

🎵 Feel the beats, ride the highs, live the music. 🎵

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your spot! Snatch your tickets NOW before they VANISH like smoke in the wind. Let's make memories that'll cling to our hearts like that sweet 420 scent. 🎟️🎉 #WickedWeekendWarriors

Calling all true hip hop fans in Worcester, Massachusetts! Where would you go when you look for an monumental night of timeless hits, and smashing dance moves under the beats of 420 Wicked Weekend - Saturday? Well, one things for sure: Worcester Palladium is on your list! This venue brings the most bangin’ hip hop performers to their stage to deliver 5-star shows that will leave you screaming for more. The sound and lighting engineering guarantees that you will fully experience the talent of 420 Wicked Weekend - Saturday anywhere in the venue. The super conveniently located parking will help you focus on what really matters: having a smashing party with the one and only 420 Wicked Weekend - Saturday. Enjoy a drink and a bite to eat from the great bars and restaurants right around the corner to make your night even more perfect. Worcester Palladium is THE place to be! Order your tickets now!

420 Wicked Weekend - Saturday at Worcester Palladium

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