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Showcasing all the songs from the album, as well as a selection of fan favorite hits, Underoath at Worcester Palladium on Friday, 27th September 2024! The band is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their fourth and breakthrough album, 'They're Only Chasing Safety,' and is lined up to play a lengthy set of high-energy performances.

Don't miss this special celebration of their hit album, with classics like “Reinventing Your Exit” and “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door.” Feel the sound that’s captivated audiences for two decades!

Plus, special guests Static Dress will also be in attendance, adding their unique energy to the mix.

Get your tickets for as low as $65, this is a concert celebration you won't want to miss. Click 'get tickets' and reserve your place today!

Be there at Worcester Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts this September and witness an unmatched LIVE performance by one of the most famed bands in the metalcore scene today.


The band said; "Twenty. Years. This is going to be like nothing we've ever done. They're Only Chasing Safety in full every night, plus another set of songs voted on by each city. Every song from every album over the past 20 years will be on the table. Let's get nuts." Join us, next September, as UNDEROATH takes the stage at the famous Worcester Palladium on 27th of September 2024. Commemorating the 20th anniversary of their breakthrough album, "They're Only Chasing Safety". Supporting act, Static Dress, will join for the tour entirety.


With hits including "Reinventing Your Exit", "A Boy Brushed Red... Living in Black and White", and "Writing on the Walls", Underoath have become a very Christian shaped pillar in the metalcore scene. The band's recent album, "Voyeurist", is taking fans on a slightly different musical journey, however.

Today, the band consists of Aaron Gillespie, Christopher Dudley, Timothy McTague, Grant Brandell, and Spencer Chamberlain, but they have been making music since the 90s. Famed for fusing various music genres including screamo, metalcore and emo and have taken home two Grammy nominations. The band keeps remains cutting-edge by shifting away from their faith-oriented roots, and are well known for shifting in their musical journey.

Static Dress

Relative newcomers, Static Dress is all for creating buzz in the rock scene. With tracks like "sweet," and "disposable care", they ensure an energized crowd. Famous for their all out, explosive musical displays, Static Dress is an ideal addition to this tour lineup.

Worcester Palladium Information

Centered in the heart of Worcester, Massachusetts, the Worcester Palladium delivers a deeply exuberant experience. Initially opened in 1928 as a theater, it now serves as a premier concert venue. The venue's main space boasts a seating of 2,160 with an extra 500 in the upstairs room. But with a first-come-first-serve policy, ensure you get there early. No recording devices are allowed. For further details, feel free to contact the Worcester Palladium at your convenience.

Ticket Information

Tickets to this celebratory night begin from $65. To secure your tickets, get them from the secure online marketplace, "Ticket Squeeze" by clicking the “get tickets” link. Don't wait as tickets are strictly limited!

Underoath at Worcester Palladium

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