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Worcester Palladium | Worcester, Massachusetts

Peyton Parrish

Are you ready for an memorable night of heart-pounding country music? Grab this chance to see the sensational Peyton Parrish live in concert at the Worcester Palladium on Saturday, May 4th, 2024. Experience the magic in Worcester, Massachusetts as Peyton sets the stage ablaze with hit after chart-topping hit.

Peyton, known for the soulful tunes like "Whiskey Lullabies" and "Dirt Road Anthem," brings a performance packed with the songs that have defined a genre and earned Peyton accolades across the nation. His live shows are famous for their energy, with hits that have fans singing along until the last note fades.

With ticket prices starting at $82, this country music event promises to be as accessible as it is popular. Whether you're a long-time Peyton Parrish devotee or newly converted fan, this is your opportunity to revel in the storytelling and charisma that only a Peyton concert can deliver.

Don't let the chance to be part of this stellar night slip away. Click that ‘buy tickets’ button and secure your spot at the Worcester Palladium—a venue as iconic as the music you'll hear. Remember, in country music, every concert isn't just a performance; it's a gathering of friends new and old. Join us for a night that sings to the soul and dances with the spirit. Buy your tickets now!

Peyton Parrish 2024 Tour

Prepare to be swept off your feet on Saturday, 4th May 2024, when the smooth, exciting sounds of the outstanding Peyton Parrish fill the air of Worcester Palladium. A blend of folk-influenced tunes and the pure stage presense of country tunes will converge, offering a musical atmosphere that's both thrilling and nostalgic. Imagine the strumming of guitars reverberating through the hall, the harmony of fans singing along, and the extraordinary experience of live music as it should be—alive and kicking.

Peyton Parrish

The remarkable Peyton Parrish isn't just a name; it's a musical sensation that has been on a soaring trajectory for over two decades. Starting young at 16, his dedication to music has only amplified. Recently soaring to global recognition with chart-topping album "Soul", and the Viking-inspired viral hit "My Mother Told Me", Peyton has swiftly become an emblem of creativity and success. His fresh single "Fallen Angel" cements his place at the pinnacle of the industry, proving his staying power and talent. The anticipation for his latest Disney-themed album and the acclaim of his SKALDS OF METAL music video exemplify his ability to evolve and entertain.

Worcester Palladium Information

Situated in the heart of Worcester, the historic Palladium stands as a proof of the rich musical journey it has been part of since its opening in 1928. Designed by Arlan W. Johnson, the Palladium's walls are imbued with the spirit of past performances, ready to welcome the new resonance brought by Peyton Parrish. With a considerable capacity that allows for 2,160 guests in the Main Room and 500 upstairs, this venue is ready to cater to passionate fans. Venue amenities include snack services and alcoholic beverages for those of age. Should you need further assistance or information regarding the venue's offerings, please feel free to contact the Worcester Palladium at your convenience.

Ticket Information

For those ready to take part in this remarkable night of music, tickets are available starting at $82. Secure your passage to an memorable evening by purchasing your tickets through the trusted marketplace, Ticket Squeeze. Simply click the "buy tickets" button and Are you ready to dive deep into the power of Peyton Parrish's live performance. Don't miss out on the chance to witness one of North America's most talked-about artists as he graces the stage at one of the most cherished concert halls. Grab your tickets now for an event that promises to be as soul-stirring as it is spectacular.

Peyton Parrish at Worcester Palladium

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