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Worcester Palladium | Worcester, Massachusetts


OH MAN, prepare yourselves for an EPIC night! Polaris is descending upon the Worcester Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts on October 20, 2023. Start your countdowns NOW because this is NOT a concert you can afford to miss!

The masters of melody are embarking on their most AMBITIOUS tour yet and lucky YOU, you're getting a slice of this epic gig right in your backyard! GRAB YOUR TICKETS, folks! The intoxicating beats, high-octane energy, and the unforgettable live show experience is about to rock your world.

Polaris LIVE? Yeah, it's as AWESOME as it sounds. The gut-rattling bass, sparkling lights, the collective euphoria of THOUSANDS of fellow Polaris devotees belting out their greatest hits in unison; the entire audiovisual spectacle is a fan's paradise, Traveller, HOMEBOUND, shot by shot, tune by tune, Polaris proves WHY they rule our hearts!

So, come on party peepz, grab your concert BUDDIES - hell, bring your granny if she's into it - because this stellar event is set to be the talk of the town. Make sure to score your tickets ASAP and gear up for a night filled with INSANE drops, MASSIVE choruses, and pure ELECTRIC Polaris RAWK!

Get ready to be PULLED INTO THE Moshpit/Star(Ma)tix as Polaris takes you on a musical ride that transcends space and time. Folks, it's TIME to BECOME the atmosphere. You IN?

Polaris at Worcester Palladium, baby! GET. THOSE. TICKETS! Let’s rock this joint to its CORE! The tour just STARTED - Don't let the chance SLIP AWAY! It's Polaris time, PEOPLE!!

HEY! YES, YOU! Pull up your leather boots and brace yourself for the sonic supernova that is POLARIS! Your favorite gods of the Rock Universe are descending upon the Worcester Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts on Oct. 20, 2023. Batten down the hatches, people, this concert is gonna blow your mind!

Dudes and dudettes, this isn't just another gig, it's THE gig. Polaris - the band that's been firing up the international rock scene, slaying the stage, making bodies thrash and heads bang everywhere! THE Polaris, whose endless awards and accolades could match their catalogue of head-spinning, soul-shaking hits! Now, get prepped to feel the floor shake, the walls tremble and your pulse quicken – this is a concert you don't want to miss!

Their TOUR is smoked out - their concert tickets selling like blazing hot pancakes. With a lightning-in-a-bottle energy that keeps you UP, a Polaris concert is a rock & roll feast for the senses. It's loud. It's unapologetically raw. It's pure adrenaline, straight up!

BOOM! That’s the sound of Polaris ripping the stage to shreds. Picture this: the bass pulsating in your chest, blood ringing with the rhythm, and the primal scream of an electric guitar piercing the night. It’s a thrill ride, and you’re right in the heart of the mosh pit, losing yourself to the pounding beats and haunting melodies. Yeah, that’s the stuff.

Now, about the venue. Ladies and gents, the Worcester Palladium isn't your run-of-the-mill concert hall. Nuh-uh. This iconic landmark has been serving up high-velocity melodic mischief for more than nine decades! Steeped in history and patinated with the sweat and passion of thousands of performers, the Palladium is venerable. A rock temple. A shrine to the gods of decibels.

LOCATED smack dab in the thick and heated fray of Worcester’s buzzing scene, the Palladium is revered, a top-flight magnet consistently drawing in the biggest, baddest, most explosive acts. No plaster pillars and dusty velvet here. No sir. The Worcester Palladium offers real bone-shaking, soul-awakening, ear-splitting rock & roll. A legendary arena with a legendary line-up. It's history-in-the-making, every night.

So, ready to ride the maelstrom? CRASHLAND front and center in the Polaris storm? These tickets aren’t waiting around, so don’t YOU either. BUY YOUR TICKET NOW! Jump into the frey! Strap in for the wild ride and be part of the electric fever dream that IS the Polaris concert at Worcester Palladium. Let's ROCK this joint!

Polaris at Worcester Palladium

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