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Worcester Palladium | Worcester, Massachusetts


Heads up, fam! The wizard of strings, Plini himself, is gonna be straight vibin' at the Worcester Palladium on November 18, 2023! Yep, you heard it first here. This hallowed hall of music in Worcester, Massachusetts is about to get filled up with some insane melodies. Better brace yourselves, 'cause you're in for a shredding storm of riffs sure to make your hearts POUND!

TICKETS are on sale NOW, wayyy cheaper than FOMO feels. We're talking about the Plini concert, people. That's Plini. The prodigy from down under. The echelons of prog that everyone's talking about. This tour is THE event of the year, something you actually have a reason to leave your room for! Plini is serving up some SWEET melodies right from his handpicked greatest hits that will leave you crying out for more.

The gig vibes? Yeah, imagine being drenched in rush waves of progressive intricacy, raw skill, and poetic guitar leads that will make you feel things. From "Electric Sunrise" to "Handmade Cities", each strum will be a LOVELETTER to your eardrums, reverberating in the deepest corners of your soul.

So, don't snooze on this one-of-a-kind live show experience. Tickets to this event are nothing less than golden Willy Wonka bars, straight up! So grab yours before they're GONE, 'cause you surely don't wanna be that guy trolling the interwebs for footage, right?

See ya there, heads! November 18th, remember the date!

Get ready, Worcester! We're about to AMPLIFY your music scene this fall as the mega-talented, award-winning virtuoso, Plini, touches down on November 18, 2023, for his spine-tingling, hair-raising concert at Worcester Palladium. Trust us, it's one HELL-RAISER of a show you WON'T wanna miss! So, grab your tickets and BRACE YOURSELVES for an out-of-this-world, guitar-shredding, soul-stirring musical experience!

Straight from the heart of the Sydney music scene, the six-string magician, Plini, has shaken up the prog-rock universe with his wondrous, mind-bending guitar craft. No one does it like him, and his sound? Sublime. Melodic waves that surge right into your soul and erupt into a million COSMIC shivers.

You ever heard MAGIC? Well, this TOUR is it! It ain't your average run-of-the-mill gig. No siree, Bob! It's Plini live in all his FRET-BURNING glory! Winner of the Guitarist Magazine's "Young Guitarist of the Year" in 2019, ya know this guy's the real deal! And when his fingers start dancing on that fretboard, it's pure melodic mesmerism.

Plini's live gigs are LEGENDARY! Like lightning in a bottle, baby! One second, you're foot-tapping to some tantalizingly complex polyrhythms, then BAM! You're swimming in a sea of euphoric harmonies, hypnotised by his mesmerising techniques. It's an unforgettable journey through musical universes unexplored and it's COMING TO YOU!

Rocking out in Worcester? It's gotta be at the legendary Worcester Palladium! This ICONIC venue is a dream both for performers and audience members alike. It ain't got fame just for kicks, ya dig? Acoustics are outta sight and the vibes? Absolutely electric! You're not just at a concert, you're part of an historic musical legacy. It's like strapping into the best rollercoaster ride, never knowing what thrilling twist or turn is coming next.

Now, let's seal the deal. The Plini concert, the Worcester Palladium in all its glory, a NIGHT of earth-shattering, face-melting, heart-pumping music—sounds like a no-brainer to me. But it ain't gonna wait forever. Tickets are flyin' out faster than Plini's insane guitar licks. So, what's the move, friends?

Don't just stand there, grab those TICKETS! Experience the sheer MUSICAL MAJESTY of Plini live in concert! Be part of the epic jam session that'll rock Worcester! Question is - are you ready to have your MIND BLOWN?

Plini at Worcester Palladium

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