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Worcester Palladium | Worcester, Massachusetts


Hey Rockers, load up on ear candy as PERIPHERY comes rolling into town on their 2023 blowout tour! Brace yourself for an auditory assault as they set up camp at Worcester Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts, this November 18. Snap up those TICKETS like hot pancakes as this CONCERT is gonna be lit!

Periphery – the name synonymous with gut-wrenching guitar riffs, ground-pounding drumbeats, and insurmountably far-out vocals – are set to rock the rafters in a beacon of rock reverence. Dude, these Washington DC prog-metal heroes are not messing around. Brace yourself for bangers off their chart-bursting albums, the pulsating "Manifest Reality", the razor-sharp "Garden in the Bones", to the sweet melodic wallows of "Marigold". It’s the rock rollercoaster no self-respecting metalhead could afford to miss.

Scorch your senses with their legendary LIVE SHOW EXPERIENCE, see the P3 boys do what they do best - ripping the scene apart! Their fierce and eclectic tours are an adrenaline-pumped journey into the heart of modern metal. Grab your ticket, now, or relent in remorse. This might be THE concert of the year.

It's an open invitation to mosh pit madness and sweat-lashed solos – a full-blown spectacle of shred insanity and sonic epiphany! Are you ready to catch the vibe, the energy, the pure unleashed PERIPHERY?

Get ready, Worcester Palladium. Your quiet nights are about to get LOUD! This ain't just a concert, it's a call to arms for all the rockers and headbanging heroes out there. This is your anthem, your battle cry, your ultimate rock n' roll rally. So, don't bide your time. Get those TICKETS pronto! Let’s descend into this rabbit hole of rock n roll TOGETHER!

YOLO peeps, hold onto your beanie hats – it’s all going down! The wizards of progressive metal, the irrepressible Periphery, are bringing their electrifying concert to the legendary Worcester Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts on November 18, 2023. Time to smash that piggy bank, grab your TICKETS, and get ready for an EXPLOSIVE musical journey.

Can we get a HELL YEAH for live shows? They are back, big-time! Strap in, because Periphery on TOUR is not just a concert, it’s a damn REVOLUTION. Feel the adrenaline. Hear the blistering riffs. Yeah, these guys are the genuine real deal, and they’re about to light up our city!

Periphery isn't just any band, they're a freakin' force of nature. Strap yourselves in 'cause we're talking seriously high-octane. An event like this doesn't just pop up on your daily Spotify shuffle, folks. Nope, this is the kind of mind-blowing spectacle that COULD ONLY happen live.

And the awards they've scooped? Goes without saying. Tech-metal wizards with a Grammy nomination up their sleeves... Yeah, you read that right. Periphery’s world-class musicianship will rock your socks off and leave you headbanging for more.

Gig will be epic. Venue is legendary. The Worcester Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts is no newcomer to the rock scene. This is the place where icons are made and legends are born. It's not just a venue, but a shrine to all things rock and roll. The Palladium has seen historical performances that echo through its hallowed halls. With its renowned acoustics and intimate setting, every beat resonates, stirring up all the FEELS.

This epic venue has a rich history and a reputation for hosting some of the best live gigs around. Yep, it’s got the vibe, the legacy, and of course, the beer! Everyone knows a cold brew and a mind-blowing gig go together better than avocado and toast. The Worcester Palladium brings the noise, the nostalgia, and the epic night out we’ve all been CRAVING!

So what are you waiting for? Amp up the hype, rally your squad, and get ready to lose your voice screaming for Periphery. Secure your place in the mosh pit! Experience the unmatched energy, the soul-shaking sound, and the heart-thumping beats. This is it, the concert that will be the stuff of LEGENDS.

BUY YOUR TICKETS now, they're flash-fire-hot and selling out faster than you can say “Sick sound, bro!” Let's paint the town red, Worcester! You in?

Periphery at Worcester Palladium

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