Cannibal Corpse & Mayhem at Worcester Palladium

Cannibal Corpse & Mayhem Tickets

Worcester Palladium | Worcester, Massachusetts

Cannibal Corpse & Mayhem

Listen up, metalheads! Get stoked, because your ear drums are about to get SLAMMED, by the earth-shattering, eardrum-melting sounds of CANNIBAL CORPSE and MAYHEM! You read it right, dudes and dudettes. These OG death metal giants are coming together for a live show that's gonna be LIT AF at the infamous Worcester Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts - September 29, 2023. This is a gig you DON'T wanna miss!

This tour is gonna be nothing less of a sonic powerhouse, playing face-melting riffs, ear-deafening beats, and blood-curling growls. Get ready for an insane night of classics like "Hammer Smashed Face" from Cannibal Corpse and "Freezing Moon" by Mayhem. This concert is gonna be a legit RESURRECTION of the golden era of death metal, and seriously guys, it's gonna be SICK!

Tickets are selling FASTER than a double bass pedal, so don't be that guy or gal rocking out in their room regretting why they didn't grab a ticket to this epic rager. Bust out your raddest band tees, lace up those combat boots, and get ready to mosh until your body ACHES!

Remember, chillers - Cannibal Corpse and Mayhem, Worcester Palladium - it's a date. Mark it, tattoo it, make it your screensaver or whatever else floats your boat. Just don't forget it, because this one is going to be EPIC! BE THERE or be cubic! ⚡💀🤘

Fellow metal-heads, gather 'round! An announcement straight from the unholy metal abyss is upon us. Just rip the knob off your calendars and circle September 29, 2023, because Cannibal Corpse & Mayhem are crashing into Worcester Palladium with a sick TOUR that will splinter your eardrums and shatter your reality!

Pause, breathe, let this sink in. Cannibal Corpse. Mayhem. One. Epic. CONCERT.

We're talking about the gods of gore themselves, Cannibal Corpse, who've been shredding eardrums and stirring controversy since '88 with their visceral, gut-splitting sound. They've sold millions, graced metal festivals across the globe, even received award nods, only proving that their savage brand of death metal remains blood-curdlingly relevant.

Next, soak in the icy sonics of Mayhem, the infamous Norse black metal pioneers who've been summoning storms of sonic chaos since the dawn of the '80s. Absolute LEGENDS. This tour sees them fresh off their latest, spine-chilling record, adding razor-sharp new inferno anthems to their legendary back catalogue of BLACK MAGIC.

Face it, folks. This ain't your everyday show. This is a once-in-a-lifetime sonic massacre. Get ready to headbang, to unleash your pent-up primal energy, to become one with the pulsating crowd. The sound of hell unleashed! Prepare to feel ALIVE!

The number of TICKETS you ask? As scarce as hen's teeth. They're being snatched up faster than a sick riff leaving Corpsegrinder's guitar. So, don't just sit there like a poser. Stand up! Fight for the right to METAL! Grab your ticket, guarantee your place in the pit, headbang in the face of this crushing aural annihilation.

Let's look at the venue: the iconic Worcester Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts. Been there? It's not just a venue, it's a temple of sound, steeped in history, drowning in epic vibes. Over the years, it's seen a cavalcay of legends scamper across its hallowed stage, engraving their names in the annals of rock and roll history. Best part? It's got beers as dark n' frosty as Mayhem's sound and an atmosphere as pounding as Corpse's brutal beats!

UNLEASH the BEAST within you!

Are you ready to have your heart pound, your hair fly, your spirit surge in sync with the ground-shaking riffs, the monstrous beats, the roars from the underworld? Then HURRY! Grab your tickets NOW and secure your place in the moshpit for this quintessential metal EXTRAVAGANZA!

Headbangers UNITE. The gauntlet's been thrown. Are you going to answer the call? We’ll all see you in the pit! Stand for your right to METAL! GET YOUR TICKET NOW! Get ready because the sky's gonna RAIN METAL!

Cannibal Corpse & Mayhem at Worcester Palladium

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