August Burns Red at Worcester Palladium

August Burns Red Tickets

Worcester Palladium | Worcester, Massachusetts

August Burns Red

Yo, all metalcore die-hards out there, GRAB this buzz! The iconic August Burns Red is set to SLAY the scene at the Worcester Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts on November 10, 2023. Your goosebumps are gonna have goosebumps, man!

Score your ticket to the most EPIC concert of the year and get swept into a whirlwind of shredding guitars, hammering drums and relentless screaming. This ain't just a concert, it's a full-throttle sonic EXPLOSION for your senses.

Their "Guardians" tour is coming straight at us, promising a mind-blowing journey through their heavyweight discography. Be prepared to lose your voice screaming along to the band’s greatest hits like "Composure" and "White Washed". Remember when you first headbanged to those tracks? Now imagine the electric vibes LIVE!

Forget Netflix and chill, let's mosh and thrill! Let the barrage of heavy riffs, growls, and breakdowns REVIVE your soul. So, my headbangers, get your tickets NOW! This is gonna be a concert like no other, we’re talking a transformative, face-melting metalcore experience.

It’s the August Burns Red extravaganza, baby! And trust me, nothing – NOTHING – beats their live show. NOVEMBER 10, mark the date and prepare to have your world ROCKETED!

CALLING all metalcore maniacs and head bangin’ heroes! Get ready to throw down and mosh 'til you drop because our heroes, the game-changing gods of gnarly riffs and galloping drums, August Burns Red are about to paint the town red! Can you handle it?

On November 10th, 2023, they're bringing the thunder to Worcester, Massachusetts baby! It's all going down at the legendary Worcester Palladium, a spiritual home for every hardcore heart.

This ain't just a concert – it’s a full-throttle, heart pounding, mind blowing TOUR! An electrifying spectacle of titanic tones and brutal breakdowns. ABR are known for concerts that are nothing short of epic. Visually intoxicating, sonically overwhelming, spiritual encounters; that's the ticket, friends. Each show is a ferocious feast of monumental music, an all-consuming tornado of killer sounds.

These lads ain’t rookies. With a gnarly Grammy nod to their name and countless live shows under their waist belts, they’re full-fledged veterans of the scene, men who are not just playing music, but breathing life into it. They're not settling for mediocracy, but pushing boundaries and reaching for greatness!

The Palladium in Worcester? ICONIC, mate! This venue has hosted countless monumental gigs and it's the perfect location for these boys to launch their monumental sonic exploration. The sound system is BOSS, the atmosphere – ELECTRIC. You and the rest of the crowd crammed together, bristling with anticipation, feeling the base rumble through your bones. That, my friends, is the stuff dreams are made of! A communal connection, a collective catharsis, the collective ROAR when the opening note hits - that's what you signed up for.

Be there or be square! Grab that ticket, book yourself a journey into the heart of the maelstrom, and get ready for a night of pure, unadulterated ABR madness.

Let's be clear - this isn't just any old gig at any old venue...We've got August Burns Red at THE Worcester Palladium in THE Worcester, Massachusetts. This is a gathering. It’s an experience. It’s a movement. It’s about shared feelings, shared spaces, shared energy.

Tickets? GET 'EM now. Feel the HEAT, taste the CHAOS and experience the COSMIC message of August Burns Red. Don’t just witness the spectacle, be part of it!

So, are you in? or ARE YOU IN?! Devour the chance, snag your ticket, and prepare for a night that you won’t EVER forget. Welcome to the family. WE ARE WAITING!

August Burns Red at Worcester Palladium

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